Public Finance

Rockmill’s public finance services are designed to give our clients the peace of mind they are getting reliable guidance. The kind of guidance that will produce exceptional results. Our approach is designed to provide a clear understanding of the options that are available, and the benefits of using them. We take our time to understand the goals that are the most important to you and your community. Then we make them a reality.

Economic Development

Rockmill’s economic development team understands the importance of business expansion. Without it, towns decline. That’s why our professionals excel at bringing partnerships together that include developers, businesses, and governments to create the synergy needed, through finance, to retain and grow jobs. As facilitators of stimulus efforts, we can quickly bring guidance and clarity to your project.

Asset Management

Rockmill’s asset management team is focused on giving you the confidence that your approach to investing is effective. Investment returns and security of principal are key aspects of a finance officer’s daily responsibilities. Our job is to help you eliminate the concern that either is not up to par. Our investment review will give you the self-assurance that you are making the right decisions.

Financial Communications

Rockmill’s financial communications service is designed to help your community gain a better understanding of your financial successes and challenges. That’s why our team works with you to develop key messages, in a language your community can relate to, and then provide a blueprint for reaching your public effectively, on time, and on point. How your public perceives you and the job you do, is largely a result of how well you communicate with them. We help you to reach them with the best possible information.

Budget and Forecasting

Rockmill’s budget and forecasting service focuses on removing doubt about the accuracy or reliability of your budget, or long term operating forecast. We serve as a second set of eyes to confirm your thinking, and to offer suggestions for improvement. We also help you customize your current forecast, to meet the specific goals of your office. Whether working with existing models, or building one from scratch, our team will give you the extra confidence that your budget and forecast are dependable.

Research and Analysis

Rockmill Financial has some of the brightest researchers in the business. Whether its economic data, staffing issues, or tax comparisons, our team can find it for you fast.