Rockmill’s asset management team is focused on giving you the confidence that your approach to investing is effective. Investment returns and security of principal are key aspects of a finance officer’s daily responsibilities. Our job is to help you eliminate the concern that either is not up to par. Our investment review will give you the self-assurance that you are making the right decisions.

Asset Management Services:

Investment performance evaluation and review

We will:

  1. provide a neutral assessment of a client’s investment efforts
  2. review and recommend improvements to investment policies
  3. confirm reported performance of the client’s portfolio
  4. review and the investment strategy used to manage the portfolio
  5. verify adherence to the investment policy

Selection of Asset Manager

We will:

  1. identify qualified asset managers
  2. create a process to invite, interview, and select asset managers
  3. create an evaluation system to rank the managers
  4. provide a recommendation for the best asset manager
  5. provide an annual review of the manager’s performance

Arbitrage review and evaluation

We will:

  1. work with clients to establish arbitrage guidelines
  2. develop a system for computing rebate requirements
  3. provide annual monitoring of rebate liability

Interest income projections

We will:

  1. develop detailed cash flow plans related to construction projects
  2. project potential interest earnings based on those cash flows
  3. factor interest income into project sizing requirements
  4. develop efficient escrow structures for defeasances and refundings