Rockmill’s financial communications service is designed to help your community gain a better understanding of your financial successes and challenges. That’s why our team works with you to develop key messages, in a language your community can relate to, and then provide a blueprint for reaching your public effectively, on time, and on point. How your public perceives you and the job you do, is largely a result of how well you communicate with them. We help you to reach them with the best possible information.

Financial Communications Services:

Communications audit

We will:

  1. conduct a detailed investigation of the client’s previous communications efforts
  2. assess the effectiveness of those efforts
  3. meet with the client to explore current and future communications needs
  4. evaluate the existing communications infrastructure
  5. assess the ability to disseminate messages to a given market

Communications plans

We will:

  1. identify and develop key messages
  2. design a timeline for the delivery of those messages
  3. create a target list of those who should receive the message
  4. establish a delivery system for getting the message to the targeted audience
  5. assist key communicators in delivering the messages effectively
  6. provide the client with a communications blueprint that contains the plan