Rockmill’s public finance services are designed to give our clients the peace of mind they are getting reliable guidance. The kind of guidance that will produce exceptional results. Our approach is designed to provide a clear understanding of the options that are available, and the benefits of using them. We take our time to understand the goals that are the most important to you and your community. Then we make them a reality.

Public Finance Services

Selection of Underwriters

We will:

  1. identify potential bond underwriters
  2. act as a liaison between you and the underwriter
  3. create a process to select the underwriter
  4. create a system to rank underwriting firms
  5. recommend the best underwriter
  6. write the job requirements for the underwriter
  7. engage them into the financing process
  8. explain the underwriter’s responsibilities

Determining financial structure

We will:

  1. identify financing constraints
  2. develop client goals
  3. identify legal and market requirements
  4. develop structural options for your consideration
  5. present a deal structure that’s most attractive to you

Assist with preparing Official Statements

We will:

  1. provide an outline of the required information
  2. provide you a clear explanation of the material
  3. identify the information we are capable of obtaining
  4. collect information on your behalf
  5. help you gather your information
  6. review all information for accuracy and consistency
  7. coordinate communication of data to Counsel
  8. review the final O.S. for accuracy and consistency

Credit (Bond) rating analysis and measurement

We will:

  1. conduct a detailed financial analysis of the client
  2. create a matrix to identify the client’s rating potential
  3. use the matrix to determine if a upgrade is possible
  4. use the matrix to develop a rating “plan”
  5. present the plan to the governing body

Credit rating preparation

We will:

  1. use the rating plan to develop a presentation strategy
  2. schedule practice meetings
  3. host each meeting
  4. identify participants needed in the presentation
  5. develop the presentation outline
  6. develop the presentation material
  7. “coach” the participants
  8. rehearse the presentation with you
  9. schedule the rating meeting
  10. handle all the travel arrangements
  11. allow for the safe transportation home

Interest rate investigations

We will:

  1. provide interest rate indications based on current markets
  2. provide interest rates for comparable bonds
  3. provide explanations of future rate trends

Selecting the most effective distribution process

  1. Negotiated
  2. Competitive Bid
  3. Private Placement to a major purchaser
  4. Private Placement to a local bank
  5. Private Placement to the County
  6. Co-managed with a local broker
  7. Internal purchase

General tax rate studies and millage estimates

We will:

  1. evaluate the best use of income taxes vs. property taxes
  2. project revenue related to different tax streams
  3. determine how much each tax revenue can support
  4. calculate the tax rate to achieve the desired goals
  5. provide usable taxing options
  6. provide a calculator for bond millage rates
  7. provide a calculator for levy millage rates
  8. provide a table of the tax cost for residents

Debt limit verifications

We will:

  1. analyze all the factors impacting a client’s debt limits
  2. determine the client’s debt capacity

Affordability analysis

We will:

  1. analyze the project cost and available revenues
  2. identify alternative revenue sources
  3. determine the capital affordability
  4. determine the operating affordability
  5. recommend a structure that’s affordable

Creating debt policy

We will:

  1. get your current and future debt needs
  2. review the outstanding debt issues
  3. review the existing debt policy
  4. develop a policy for managing and issuing debt
  5. refine the outline into an actual debt policy

Confirming the sufficiency of current cash balances

We will:

  1. develop a balance sufficiency model
  2. create a stress test